Problems of the growing earth population are solved by technical and organizational innovations


We want to enable and drive innovation for the energy transition


DEUBLEIN Consulting supports customers in tasks related to the energy transition by carrying out works such as e.g. research in the development of new business fields. Trainings etc.

DEUBLEIN Consulting is strong in organizing and reorganizing small and medium-sized companies. We have experience from more than 100 enterprizes.


DEUBLEIN Consulting's know-how focus related to the energy transition lies in the areas of

  • Use of renewable raw materials for material and energy use like biogas, fatty acid, glycerin
  • Environmental Protection like photovoltaics, e-mobility
  • Food production like beer, vegetable oils, chocolate.

DEUBLEIN Consulting has proven own concepts to quickly identify organizational deficiencies in the company and effectively remedy them.

DEUBLEIN Consulting relies on competent freelancers or partners on a case-by-case basis.


DEUBLEIN Consulting was founded in 1991 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.h.c.* Dieter Deublein (*see below).

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr h.c.* Dieter Deublein is a professor and lecturer at the University of Applied Aciences in Munich at the Department of Engineering and Management. His teaching areas are Renewable Resources, Biotechnology, Thermodynamics, Process Engineering (*see below).

He was in the period from 1994 to 2018 Chairman of the Association for Quality Management (QZV e.V.) in Munich. He is currently President of the AICB e.V. (Association of Independent Certification Societies).

Since 2010, the Biogas Institute has been affiliated with DEUBLEIN Consulting. It deals with research work around biogas production.


Most of the orders come from small and medium-sized companies. There are orders for certifications, appraisals, liturature searches, confirmations.

In recent years, DEUBLEIN Consulting has taken up ideas that come from AIDEWISE GmbH in Switzerland and is trying to turn these ideas into marketable products.


Due to his lectures at the East Kasachian Amansholov University in Öskemen, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Deublein were awarded the title of Dr. h.c. in the year 2014.