Aidewise vehicle charging station

The lighter the vehicle, the less batteries need to be charged and the easier it is to charge the batteries with photovoltaic power.

Charging through a special photovoltaic system is necessary where no power connection is available or reachable. This is often the case in large cities where there is no parking with electricity. Outings to the country often lack sockets. In general, you are more independent with a vehicle charging station.

The Aidewise vehicle charging station is particularly lightweight, foldable and therefore transportable. It has a large area and can therefore also be used when the sun does not shine so bright.

If the Aidewise vehicle charging station is not to be taken on trips, it can also be mounted on rooftops that are less stable because of its lightweight construction.

The Aidewise vehicle charging station includes a charger that is tailored to your batteries. For charging lithium ion batteries an MPPT charger is e.g. required for fast charging without danger of over or under voltage.