Mini photovoltaic system tied to the house grid 

If the energy transition is to succeed, then all options must be used to generate electricity directly from the sun and feed it into the power network. Many large-area photovoltaic systems were built for this purpose. Now it's more and more important to use even the smallest areas, for example on house walls and balcony railings, in order to gain electric power.

With a new regulation, the EU Commission has paved the way for mini-photovoltaic systems tied to the house grid.

The Aidewise mini-photovoltaic system tied to the house grid is particularly well suited because it is particularly light. Thereby additional anchorages and reinforcements are saved e.g. on balcony railings, on house walls, on carport roofs or on terrace roofs.

The panels of the Aidewise mini-photovoltaic system are mounted in aluminum frames so that they can be tilted and turned manually towards the sun. The system itself and the connection to the house grid (protection) should be in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-551-1.

The panels have diodes on the back to prevent panel failures in the event of shading. The panels are connected to a DC-AC converter. Its connection cable can be plugged into the socket on the house and already current flows; the electricity meter of the house rotates more slowly.

Cost-effectiveness calculations have shown that the payback period of a mini-photovoltaic system tied to the house grid is two years, of course, depending on the solar radiation and electricity costs.


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