Mini-photovoltaic system in island operation

On the way and far away from power grids, the Aidewise mini photovoltaic system can be used in island
operation. Holiday apartments, campsites, shelters, tent cities that are built far from infrastructure, an island operation is essential, especially if there is the sun.

To do this, the Aidewise mini-photovoltaic system is connected to a rechargeable battery. The battery can be
a lead-acid battery, lithium-ion, lithium-iron polymer battery or even a completely different one. The battery voltage can be chosen arbitrarily. Commercially available batteries are available with 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, 48 V voltage. To consider is a battery with 220 V, so the usual power line voltage. Since then all available electrical appliances can be connected. otherwise, special equipment must be connected; e.g. camping equipment, which are also easy to obtain.

The voltage and the current from the mini-photovoltaic system varies depending on the weather conditions. A charger must therefore be placed between the mini-photovoltaic system and the battery, which compensates for the fluctuations and transforms the power from the usually low voltage of the mini-photovoltaic system to the battery voltage.


 Bild: Copyright: Aidewise GmbH  Bild: Copyright: Aidewise GmbH