Quality in special machine construction

Autor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.h.c.* Dieter Deublein (Aidewise GmbH) *granted by Amansholov University Öskemen

Special machines are designed and built for special applications. They may be 3D-printed.

In special machine construction, the entire life cycle (cradle to cradle) is critically assessed: mechanical and electrical parts, electronic controls and programming, resource consumption, environmental impact, safety and reliability during operation.

The quality features on the side of the machine manufacturer are included:

1. lead in the visions realized

All special machine parts can be combined with each other. The parts are stored in electronic form as 3D designs and as files for machine control or as files for retrieval from suppliers. 

The special machine parts are electronically assembled by the manufacturer at the customer in the desired form. At the initial meeting, the customer is informed about the delivery time, the price, the consumption of operating resources, the service life and the ecological footprint (cradle to cradle). The special machine or also the parts are printed out as models in 3D printing.

Once the order has been placed, the special machine parts are manufactured by special production machines. The parts are preferably manufactured where the material is found. Waste remains on site. The parts are inspected with sensors on the customer's network. The parts are shipped in an environmentally friendly manner. Robots assemble the special machine parts at the customer's site.

The production machines and assembly robots are driven by direct sun rays, which are collected in space, converted and then sent in a bundled beam directly to the production machine on earth. Waste heat is used to heat neighbouring residential and office buildings.

2. Interface between operator and machine builder

The special machine builder (sales) is familiar with the application and can advise the customer objectively and comprehensively on trends regarding the application, modern techniques, relevant regulations, feasibility at the customer (space, technology), own production possibilities and the like. He can quickly gain an overview of the interfaces (pipes, electrical cables, control lines). He goes perfectly prepared into the customer discussion, possibly with a list of questions.

3. cost and time schedule

The special machine builder (sales office, sales representative) has a calculation list with which he can estimate material costs and working hours very precisely.

He has a production capacity utilization plan at his disposal so that he can say something about the delivery date on site and make a preliminary decision on "Make or Buy". This results in an appropriate orientation price on site.

4. order processing

Offer and order confirmation are to be kept error-free and with low risk.

The calculation list and the date list are updated promptly so that deviations can be reacted to at an early stage.

Inspections are carried out after production preparation (assembly drawing, parts list, production drawings or machine control, documentation), during production, after pre-assembly, after final assembly if possible in consultation with the customer.

Changes frequently occur in special machine construction. They are incorporated flawlessly into order processing. Their effects on the price and delivery time are promptly communicated to the customer.

5. documentation

The documentation is supplied complete with the special machine. The documentation allows, among other things, to supply spare parts and wear parts for many years and to react appropriately to the customer's new applications.

6. maintenance, repair

The special machine is intended to guarantee almost 100 % availability. For this reason, it is maintained and repaired according to a preventive schedule. Spare and wear parts can be called up in good time. In exceptional cases, sensors on the special machine announce an extraordinary defect at an early stage.

 All possible extraordinary defects are stored with their causes and measures to be taken. Software errors correct themselves. Hardware faults cause the correct fitter to be called and instruct him to carry out a perfect troubleshooting.