"Made in Germany", stands for quality

"Made in Germany" stands for quality. The term was originally intended as a mark for inferior quality, namely those from Germany compared to those from the Anglo-Saxon countries. Lower quality was paid less. How has that changed? In Germany, the performance has been increased over the course of several generations, ie more work has been done with consistently poor pay, making "Made in Germany" what it stands for today. After the war, Germans had to do a great deal again and regain lost prestige. We still live on that very well in Germany today. However, some signs indicate that these times may be over and there must be a performance boost again.

This could be initiated if the definition quality = benefit / damage would be breached. The population, responsible organizations and governments should soon set the course.

There will be changes. A mood of departure arises. Everything comes to the test and is examined for benefits and damages. New ideas and innovations sprout up. They assert themselves and change society. Rusted structures and retracted tracks break up. People who initially oppose themselves, reorient themselves. The new perspective and successes inspire on the way. They help with aberrations and motivate huge efforts.

The reward will be a higher standard of living compared to other countries - despite and also because of the effort.