Appraisal for research projects or industrial installations (for example, as a court expert).

We prepare reports on findings and appraisals. The reportsa are e.g. used in court or to justify subsidies or as a prerequisite for debt financing. Our neutral reports on findings relate to research projects or industrial projects where there are doubts as to whether they can succeed; such as:

  • Financing of biogas plants
  • Biogas from macro algae (EU project) in Scotland
  • Bio-fuel
  • CO2 splitting with the help of sunlight
  • Biological conversion of CO2 to CH4
  • Biological inhibition of foaming in biogas plants
  • Water purification with the help of nano particles
  • Desulphurisation of Biogas

We have extensive know-how in the field of energy transition. As a result, the time and financial effort for expert reports can be kept low. Please feel free to ask us without obligation.