Projects for the further development of biogas plants.


Cleaning of biogas to natural gas quality

Process techniques were listed and compared.

Additives to increase the yield of biogas plants

A research proposal has been prepared for the comparative study of additives such as nutrient mixtures, enzymes, microorganism cultures.

Optimization of agricultural biogas plants (10 m³) in Kenya.

Included are proposals for process engineering (biogas desulfurization) and apparatus (gas storage) modification. The evaluation of suitable financing options such as carbon trading, microcredit, cooperative credit and working leave were also considered in this project. The project manager received the Bavarian Cultural Award 2014.

The work resulted in the novel Aidewise biogas plant (see below).

Feeding of biomass as suspension

The advantage is a.o. in the gas tightness of the feeding equipment.  

Calculation of large-scale biogas plants for the production of biogas from waste

The development of a calculation method for the conceptual design of large-scale biogas plants was included with the result of a feasibility study. The method were applied to different plants.


Fig: Aidewise small Biogas plant (Copyright: Aidewise GmbH)