Increase: yield of biomass

As a result of the increase in CO2 content in the atmosphere, the yield of biomass per hectare increases naturally, but not proportionally. The acreage for biomass decreases as a result of the increase in temperature on the earth, so that the overall yield of biomass tends to decrease.

It must be possible to prevent the increase in temperature and climate change on earth, whether it is caused by humans, nature itself or by changed solar radiation.

The increase in temperature is due to greenhouse gases. They are as narrow as possible to be limited. Efforts are being made to end the mining of fossil fuels in the long term. Fossil resources can be replaced by water craft, solar energy, wind energy and biomass as natural resources.

The yield of biomass can be increased by recovering CO2 from the atmosphere, a process that plants master almost perfectly. The efforts to increase the yield of biomass are focused on algae, microorganisms and short rotation plants.

Projects to increase the yield of biomass

  • Industrialization of forestry
  • Use of sea algae
  • Gasification of biomass
  • Power to gas (methane)
  • CO2 emissions trading
  • Use of waste Autochthonous plants (hemp, flax, rapeseed)