Biogas Institute

Since its foundation in 2008, the Biogas Institute has been working on the improvement of plant technology for biogas production.

In recent years, the field of ​​investigations has been extended to the use of renewable raw materials in
general. It is no longer distinguished between material and energetic utilization of renewable resources.

Above all, the Biogas Institute gathers know-how so that the same research and development is not
carried out in different places. In addition, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Deublein, head of the institute, in his lectures passes the know-how on to many students and thus provides the necessary broad basis for the new field of knowledge.

It's about replacing fossil raw materials with natural resources. In view of the growth of the population, the deterioration of the climatic conditions and the rapidly increasing consumption of resources, this seems almost impossible. But it has to be done i.a. through the inclusion of the third dimension (agricultural high-rise
buildings), new higher-yielding plants, through the use of microorganisms and through intelligent downcycling not to foret in addition, the extraction of chemicals from renewable resources in biorefineries.

The Biogas Institute has worked on topics to increase the yield of biomass and for the technical improvement of biogas plants as well as prepared appraisals on planned development projects and technical problems on existing biogas plants.

Several investigations have led to a book entitled “Biogas from waste and renewable resources” which was published by the Wiley Publishing company.

Fig: Small Biogas plant (Copyright: Aidewise GmbH)