City car for the future

The city car for the future might be silmilar to our concept cars, which we have developed in cooperation and sponsored by the company Aidewise GmbH, Canton Friborg, Switzerland. The concept cars were focussed on new technologies. They represent functional and roadworthy prototypes for which the approval as a road vehicle could be launched in the near future, of course in a modified execution.


Development of an electric city car

Concept Car 2014

Concept Car 2016

Concept Car 2018


  • car to be used in a city (Maximum velocity: 45 km/h)
  • car for one person only
  • high comfort
  • admission in mega cities outside the EU

Profile - same as 2014, but

  • new drive
  • as much as possible autarc in energy consumption
  • lightweight

Profile - same as 2016, but

  • more economic and attractiv auto body
  • more comfort in driving***, 
  • higher efficiency in power production
  • EU Quality approval

***tilt resistant, with air condition with very low      power consumption, with hydraulic disk           Brakes etc.

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