Düsenspeed e-bike

The Düsenspeed e-bike is a bike that meets the highest demands. It has the feel of a motorbike, has the charisma of a horsepower-ridden motorcycle, yet is a durable, energy-efficient, lightweight pedelec. It weighs only 48 kg with the batteries and thus much less than a motorcycle.

The Düsenspeed e-bike is powerful and sporty at the same time. It transmits its power directly to the rear wheel, not via a chain. It is extremely torsionally rigid due to its frame construction made of carbon fibers. It can therefore be easily mastered by untrained drivers.

The rear-wheel hub motor puts its high torque directly on the road or on the bumpy winding road.

The Düsenspeed e-bike is safe even in tight corners on the road. This is ensured by the extra low center of gravity.

The e-bike impresses with its low running resistance, which means it can travel with one battery charge up to 180 km - without pedaling.

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